Organic architecture, cooled ceilings, a unique combination of historic Baroque palace and new building, prestigious awards – welcome to DRN. 

This building repurposes original on-site features - original beams built into concrete elevator shafts, and old tiles crushed and used as filler for the new roof. A green facade of grasses and tulips that illuminates in tricolour annually on 17 November. European Concrete Award 2018, Building of the Year 2019, Prague Mayor's Award 2019, Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 nomination.

Fit-out management

Technical supervision

Timber Prague

Unique timber apartment buildings - heat pumps, solar panels, underfloor heating, Smart home. Timber is the very first project of its kind in Prague. It is timeless, visionary, creative, and filled with good energy. Sustainable and high-quality housing from the Austrian company UBM Development with 150 years of tradition.

Chamber apartment buildings with 62 apartments ranging from 1+kk to 4+kk are already under construction and will be ready for move-in at the end of 2024. There will be an ample number of parking places, with one-third of them featuring electric car charging stations, and a large basement space. The project will offer apartments ranging in size from approximately 40 square meters to large lofts spanning over 110 square meters, including units with an adjoining garden.

Site Management

Quality supervision


The new Solis low-energy and sustainable building represented a construction challenge for our professionals. With a project value of over CZK 300 mil., we sought to reconcile strict construction requirements (environmental stability) with the maximum roll-out of sustainable solutions (heat pumps, fibre insulation, foam glass, photovoltaics, rainwater harvesting, waste carton boards, clay plaster, and many more green solutions).

Project management

Cost management

Technical supervision

Císařská vinice

Interiors designed by the Olgoj Chorchoj design studio and gardens by Lefler. The complex has ceiling-mounted radiant heating and cooling with concrete core activation, all buildings and apartments have controlled ventilation and heat/moisture recovery units. Smart home designed by the renowned Loxone.

Technical supervision

Health and safety coordination

Green Port

The apartments have units with controlled ventilation and heat/humidity recovery. The complex includes outdoor car washes and service areas for bike repairs, and the future option of e-chargers in the garages.

Technical supervision

Health and safety coordination

Špitálka Smart District

Our project management facilitatedthe transformation of a disused part of the Teplárny Brno, a.s. site into a contemporary urban district that sets new standards for city centre life.

CITY HUB combines living, culture, work, and a rich palette of social and community life. PFCK will provide project management for Brno City’s whole ambitious scheme.

Project management

Manifesto Berlin

An innovative gastronomic venture with ambitions to conquer the world has begun its expansion by conquering the centre of Berlin. Manifesto's Postdamer Platz space is home to over 20 different gastronomic establishments.

There is also a significant beer tower, swimming pools and a stage for various cultural experiences.

Project management

Cost management

Construction management

Campus Holm​

A modern campus not only for university students but also for those who are starting to build their career and private life. The proposed project will allow for quality living, education, cultural life, making new professional and private contacts and assisting in the residents’ overall development.

Project management

Barrandez Vous

A name combining the name of the location and the French word for a romantic encounter. It represents the whole concept of living in which you will have peace not only outside the door of your apartment, but also while walking in the large park, which is perfect for romantic encounters, among many other things. 

The project respects the past, but at the same time looks boldly into the future. The two complexes, north and south, offer amazing living for those looking for functional apartments with modern design and the latest technology.

Snagging list of all flats and common areas

OC Futurum

Complete reconstruction of the shopping centre, without impacting the hypermarket’s smooth operation. 

The project received the Building of the South Moravian Region 2021 award.

Technical supervision and HSE coordinator

Arcus City

The intention of the project was to create its own home-like environment where residents of different ages would live and create their own community with facilities. This forms a semicircle with a square where a high-rise building with several shops, sports facilities and a restaurant area is located.

In the middle of the project, there is a bus stop that facilitates the residents' direct connection to the surrounding areas and the centre of Prague. This entire residence is connected by a pedestrian path along the upper edge of Řepora, including a cycle path. In the style of traditional British urban planning, the buildings are arranged in a semicircle creating a natural boundary that promotes feelings of belonging and safety..

Technical supervision

Health and safety coordination

VGP Parks

VGP Parks' halls are high quality buildings with a variety of uses. In Vyškov and Prostějov we have carried out construction management on buildings with an area of more than 55,000 m2 from the foundation to the handover of the finished buildings to the tenants, including the installation of their technology and equipment.

In Olomouc, we managed the refurbishment of existing buildings for new tenants, the purposes of which include warehouses for large e-shops or electronics stores, facilities for the high-tech production of lights, and more.

Construction management

Other projects