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Ing. Pavel Štáf, MRICS

I have been in the construction industry for almost twenty years. My international experience, British certifications, and management of large construction and design contracts has enabled me to meet many leading figures who are a pleasure to work with. I love honest work done right, I respect good habits, and I embrace challenging standards that don't fit the paradigm.

Ing. Michal Chudožilov

I’m lucky to say that my family and work are among my favourite hobbies. I’m confident that my over 10 years’ experience can be leveraged to benefit projects, clients, and colleagues. I value project sustainability, effectivity, and energy efficiency.

Mirka Fojtů 

My first job was in construction, and - via a communications role in non-profits and social work - I'm returning to this sector as it faces major challenges. I enjoy creating a genuine company culture, meeting other professionals, and sharing successes and know-how. 

Ing. Miroslav Tůma
Technical Director

I have many years of experience with the technical supervision of investors. I most enjoy inspecting new buildings because I want everything to be perfectly finished, and the owner to take over a building or apartment in top condition. 

Ing. Jaroslava Wiedermannová

I take care of the finances. I've always enjoyed numbers, data and spreadsheets, and Excel is my lifelong hobby and best friend. I like inspiring people around me, analytical thinking, honesty, system and order. And that's not only at work, but also outside of it.

Interview with Pavel Štáf

Waste-free buildings are the future

"We like companies that actively embrace alternative and new approaches. We don't just walk around a site and give investors a ’to-do’ list and our timesheet. We are striving to move our industry forward. For example, the use of recycled and new materials. Construction generates huge volumes of waste – which is very regrettable. But we know how to resolve this and how to repurpose the waste,"

Could you describe PFCK?

We help investors and companies build houses and other projects – the full A-to-Z of tasks. We have the experience, a great team, and the expertise. And we aim to do things differently than is common in the industry. For example, we share experience with customers – so they have access to know-how and are aware of potential hiccups.

When did PFCK start?

Proficheck has been operational since 2017. But I founded Bytecheck - a residential property consultancy - in 2012. Yet  suddenly clients started wanting technical supervision or project management, and not only for residential projects. They wanted to prevent mistakes being made on constructions, rather than dealing with the consequences of such errors. And we can do that. Investors and developers liked our approach, orders increased, and Proficheck was founded.

How do you choose projects?

While it may sound strange, mutual work connections are crucial: we choose companies and investors who build meaningful and exceptional projects. Our company approaches residential and non-residential premises with equal respect. We prioritise both areas, and every building should have unique architecture, seamlessly fit into a landscape or existing development, and embrace principles of sustainability.

What’s taking the bulk of your time right now?

Most work is construction supervision, followed by project management and construction management respectively. But we’d like to turn this around in the future, and deal with a development’s whole production cycle.

Can you explain further?

We want to provide comprehensive services. Technical supervision is only a part of it, and design, value engineering, and management are often handled by the developer. At a certain point, two approaches to a project collide. We can guarantee quality directly from the planning stage. It's much more demanding, and of course we shoulder much more responsibility, but then we have a relatively freer hand. And that delivers all-round benefits.

Can you highlight two unique projects?

Well, it’s pretty hard to choose. But let’s say Sonnentor, where we provided comprehensive project management, cost management, technical supervision from zoning decision to project completion. In this CZK 300+ million project, we had to reconcile strict production requirements with the maximum implementation of sustainable solutions, such as heat pumps, fibre insulation, foam glass, photovoltaics, etc. The second project is probably the famous National Palace (DRN) in Prague - a unique combination of historic Baroque and a new building.

How many employees and co-operators does the company have?

The team numbers about thirty. But of course we’re flexible, it always depends on the size and number of projects. We work with a wide network of people.  

What does PFCK value in new hires?

Well-developed work judgment and independence. We’re building a company that unites independent units and capable people. We don't want to start a corporate machine. We like our closeness and friendly environment. We like a family environment, but of course you need people who are team-oriented and loyal. We build on the fact that we seek out and resolve problems even during the implementation phase. We don't want post-construction injuries. The priority is a capable person who can pinpoint problems before they arise, highlight risks, and seek to resolve a situation.