Why us?

We have built a company that unites independent and capable professionals.  We like a friendly environment, but of course you need people who are team-oriented and loyal to their profession.

Our valuesWhy us?

We trust our people

No beepers or unnecessary corporate processes. Our work is needs-targeted.


We are a team of construction professionals from different professions and we help each other.

Strong know-how

Together, we have extensive construction industry experience.

Verified partners

We respect ethics in business and want to build fair, modern, and sustainable buildings. 

Custom applications

Even though pencil and paper are givens, our company has fully embraced the latest tech too.

Moving forward

Together we can have fun, move, educate, and support each other in our interests.

Proficheck is a company with exceptional people who will support me professionally and will not disappoint even after working hours :)

Martin Veznik
Project manager


Current vacancies are listed below. But opportunities are constantly arising, and our need for skilled workers is high. Fancy joining our team?  Email your resume to with us on LinkedIn. 

What I like about working for Proficheck is the interesting projects and the management’s modern approach.
Honza Construction Manager
I see working for PFCK as a life challenge to discover the beauty of large buildings. It’s the fulfilment of my work dream and my adventurous nature.
Jitka Project Manager